Tuesday, March 17, 2015

LG ELECTRONICS Debuting Text Friendly, Auto Of Wi-Fi Speakers

LG is debuting a new speaker system at CES 2015, aimed at being user friendly and competitions with Sonos. The system will allow dieters to text commands to it, and moreover auto-play music when the user's phone is within one foot of a speaker phone. (Photo: LG)

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LG will supposedly have a few surprises up it's actually sleeve at CES 2015, one of these being some new mobile features for that Music Flow wireless speaker system.

The provider announced the new product in the lead-up to its Consumer Electronics Show 2015 presence.

"The flexibility and exceptional of the LG Music Flow Wireless internet Series delivers a listening live through that goes beyond what conventional music systems have been able to offer until now, inch said Byung-hoon Min, senior vp and head of the CAV rapport at LG. "With Wi-Fi quantity and high-fidelity audio output, our new Music Flow Wi-Fi Series could epitome of what a smart audio system ought to capable of in the 21st century. "

The company's new services include a battery-powered Wi-Fi portable speakers, 3 things to consider new speakers and three beginner soundbars. Each speaker can be used self employed or in conjunction with the others to build some sort of surround sound system. The speakers every single one of work by connecting to the LG ELECTRONICS Music Flow app, which can, subsequently, be connected to Spotify, Rhapsody accessories.

Many are comparing LG's Music Movement with other services such as Sonos, Play-Fi and so on. These systems all deal users the ability to connect multiple presenters to a mobile device without the need available for cables.

LG, however , has at least one feature over these other services. It's always called Auto Music Play can be essentially means music will completely on their own start playing when the user's phone is within one foot of a speaker phone. What this means is the user can simply set this device down next to a speaker while not having to load up an app or understand the device to start playing music.

"So you will be listening to music on your headphones throughout the subway ride home but the your favorite songs will begin playing automatically from your lounge Wi-Fi Sound Bar when you crucial in your living room, " said the label in a release.

LG has not known exactly how Auto Music Play specializes, whether devices have to be on the same Wireless internet network or whether it will deal with both iOS and Android. We know that Music Flow itself will be available available for both iOS and Android, for the.

Another rather unique feature which will LG is boasting is the capacity text commands to the speakers utilization of Line messaging app. The have got is called LG HomeChat, and fundamentally means that users can tell the speaker phone to "turn music off quickly one hour. "

Details on pricing & availability will be announced at TOUS CES 2015.

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