Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bromley Batman: Masked Vigilante beating on muggers and thugs in UK

London: A mysterious masked crusader dubbed as the "Bromley Batman Samsung note 3 case", wearing black colored combat trousers and a muscle number one, has been foiling mugging bids via knife-wielding thugs in London before vanishing firmly into darkness.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Case Superhero Batman

A number of witnesses say the crime-fighter is confronting muggers and knife-wielding gangs across the streets of of this London specially Bromley in recent several weeks.

Descriptions of the unidentified figure entrance him as a masked man within the thirties with a "well-groomed beard", specialise in maybe trained in martial arts.

In the very incident, the victim identified exclusive as Ken was walking by way of Martin's Hill area when the foul-mouthed thugs "came out of nowhere" together with demanded his phone and bank account.

"I thought I was quite only done for. Then, out of nowhere, humanity about 6ft tall, dressed in black colored combat-style trousers and a tight part of your body top, and wearing a black bandana mask, came running towards them, lunch break Ken was quoted as telling by the Evening Standard newspaper.

"He kicked the biggest of my opponents to the ground, which must have bumped the wind out of him. Then he gripped one of the others and swung your ex to into the other one, and pushed them both into a prickly hedge. These people were both screaming in pain, lunch break the victim said.

Two other marketers have since told similar experiences about the masked man, the Just about every day Express reported.

In nearby Penge area, also in south Berlin, someone saw him confront an audience attacking a man.

He said all masked crusader attacked the men and also one of them in a ninja-style armlock, associated with gang -- and the vigilante -- all fled.

Ken wants to uncover the mysterious Batman Samsung Galaxy case-like vigilante and thus he can thank him properly to receive intervening and saving him caused from getting mugged last week.

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