Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Stools made of balloons but it was not bad it also shouldn t blow it

Stools made of balloons, but it was not bad it also shouldn't blow it 20151212-blowing-chairs-1

From Korea designer Seungjin Yang's idea, brought him some stools made of balloons, but you both not bad it also shouldn't blow it! FOSSIL iPhone 5 FOSSIL iPhone 5 Case

No, no, no matter how hard you blow, it will not explode--because, looked like a balloon that is actually black! Designer these stools are made with epoxy resin material and, if possible, to make them look like balloons, to add interest do you think designers do--? Have to admit, it really is like a balloon.


Inspiration for this design, is said to be the designer's childhood life experience – at that time, young home designers, working in a sausage factory, daily task is to blow pig intestines ... ... Well, what I tell tall tales, Korea people, should not be blown pig intestines, is more likely to be blowing dog colon –-

Anyway, we recommend a white balloon ... ... Because, it is like most of the large intestine, HA HA.

20151212-blowing-chairs-2 20151212-blowing-chairs-3 20151212-blowing-chairs-5 20151212-blowing-chairs-6 20151212-blowing-chairs-9


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