Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sond Audio portable NFC speaker: Minute size, big sound [Review]

When choosing a portable Bluetooth presenter you're probably swayed by many types of factors -- size and make or model being chief among them. I have a Cambridge Audio Minx Go, elements Cambridge Audio name was one of the reasons I considered about this speaker in the first place.

Camera Lens Shape Bluetooth Speaker

Sond Audio quite possibly isn't a name you're knows about. It's actually Ebuyer's own mp3 brand, and products under about this label include speakers, headphones and simply soundbars. The Sond Audio laptop NFC speaker is the first Sond product I've tried, so is understand it a hit or miss?

The presenter is small compared to a lot of portable products -- 8. 5cm x nineteen. 5cm x 9. 5cm (HWD) -- and quite stylishly specifically created. It's black, with red main frame and a red base, and is situated angled at 30 degrees with the 6 to 8 weeks speakers pointing upwards. There's basics tube on the rear.

Controls contains a power button on the top which can become used for pairing, and a touch peel on the front to control volume, record and the built-in 3D surround sound results.

You can connect to the speaker inside of a choice of ways, as well as being Wireless bluetooth 4. 0 compatible, it has an NFC touch point on the top of the device. Take on a compatible phone or tablet computer and it will be paired quickly. In fact this feature works well, and I have had no problems with it in the. There's also a 3mm input that will help allow you to connect non-Bluetooth devices, such as microUSB port for charging (there's a small charging light next to this). Fully charged the Lithium-ion plastic battery promises around 18 hours and hours of operation, which is about fine based on my experience. There's certainly no of knowing how much battery life you get remaining, but charge it sequence completely before you need to use it and this would not be a problem.

As to the sound quality, it may be surprisingly good. Rich and the fine side of meaty, and with 16W output it's powerful enough into fill a room when cranked immidiately. The 3D surround sound option will do a decent job of simulating stereo audio, although it's no replacement for double speakers. You can still tell the background music is coming from the one part of the freedom, although it definitely does widen a audio. The button on the to return changes from blue to vert when the effect is on.

Concerning tried the speaker with an modern selection of music and it handles sets from opera to rap well. Unquestionably the bass is sometimes a little overpowering, remember, though , mostly it's well balanced and never thin.

There's a nice ruggedness to the presenter which I really like. It's solid as well as may stand being chucked into tote and bashed around with no not well effect.

At £49. 98, which included free delivery, this is a decent Wireless bluetooth portable speaker, and the inclusion of NFC is a welcome touch.

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