Thursday, October 1, 2015

Apple iPhone 5S version 16G

IZZi Oribit Pro mobile phone protective shells go trip you just pick up the phone. General effect of mobile phone is not good enough, but the SLR is too heavy. IZZi Oribit Pro cell phone protective case to help you solve this problem.

This phone is called Super professional camera phone case. With it, your iPhone immediately Fisheye, wide-angle, macro, perspective of the functions. Camera phone features sufficient to meet travel friends took a photo, and now this versatile mobile phone housing, fewer people will buy the camera a lot later?

General public the photo itself is pretty clear, the camera people don't like friends ~ Michael Kors Note 4 Case

The casing is in compliance with our requirements, your mobile phone in one hand and camera in one hand, still together? Michael Kors Note 4 Case

General camera is second in addition to functions, designed like the camera's appearance. Handle more brilliant color!

Coupled with a tripod, you can shoot from any angle!

Michael Kors Note 4 Case

IPhone 4/4s sells for $ 190; iPhone 5/5s is $ 240.

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