Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Samsung s new black Apple never thought Black itself

Samsung's new black Apple, never thought Black itself

You must have seen a scene like this:, lounges, cafes and more public in the street, a man slowly began schoolbags, and then, from the inside out countless is lingering over the data lines, after a long split, which took out a section for your iPhone charging ... ...

We have seen such a scene, only smiled. Samsung saw this scene, however, laugh, ran home, advertise to the ... ...

A few days ago, Samsung for their Galaxy Edge S6 has launched a new advertising film, Galaxy Edge the S6 using the Wireless charging technology for mobile phone charger, Samsung took the points, in an effort to promote their products excellent performance when, without sarcasm, ridicule iPhone.

In the ad, those people who use Apple products, is not filled with all kinds of cable, is looking for a suitable charging mode, into line to charge into the table above, charge the phone rings accidentally spilled the water Cup ... ... These seemingly silly wired charging Galaxy Edge S6 in stark contrast to the Wireless charging, really put Apple had doubled.

But savvy network of Lei Feng Xiao bian see the flaws of advertising, ask the Samsung sentence: do you think that when you get out is easy with a data cable? Or take a charge than Wireless charging larger treasure disc is convenient for you?

Samsung's new black Apple, never thought Black itself

Moreover, your wireless charging base requires a power cord ... ...

Samsung's new black Apple, never thought Black itself

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