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Materialistic after installing Bluetooth on wireless SD cards become less

Nice picture in the circle of friends, a lot is a look at the contribution of the SLR, is absolutely impossible on cell phone video.

They had great strength, export photos to a mobile phone in the SLR camera, and then released, in order to win more applause. Moschino iPad Case

Is there a way make it easier for these people photo SLR camera and publish directly to your circle of friends?

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The answer is, Yes.

Circle of friends changes to user needs

In fact, wireless technology is quite mature, memory card Wi-Fi technology has long tried to engage with the product so that SD card to set up hotspots, mobile data transmission connection hotspots. For now, the major producer of wireless SD cards on the market Eye-Fi Union and later of the Toshiba and easy to enjoy, all 3 schools.

Three similar, but not identical. Such as Eye-Fi and camera manufacturers, can transfer pictures without sleeping, Toshiba FlashAir need to manually turn on the Wi-Fi switch, but FlashAir can not install App and register to transfer photos. Although functions are different, but they have not been able to solve in transferring photos requires a Wi-Fi network when used outside leads to cell phone network problem. In order to address this need, Lenovo (Lenovo) now to put this new product, launched a wireless SD card-Eggplant I.

Think Eggplant I project manager Wang Liming told Lei Feng network, has developed this project, because when we went on holiday, are all to be SLR to record the scenery, with phone Kaka after take some pictures to share to social networks. Why not to share single photos directly to friends or Twitter? They want to try to challenge the problem.

SLR party Gospel

Eggplant boy has two working modes, a fast connection mode, just like any other Wi-Fi SD card, you need to enable mobile phones to connect the SD card to get photos, and then connect to the Internet and share photos; the other is quick sharing mode, it was established by SD-card low-power Bluetooth found mobile phone hot, direct read for photos and shared to the network.

Rapid share the connection process is not complicated, share a hot spots SD card by phone to connect and process is done automatically. Due to problems with mobile phone design and compatibility, Lei feng's trial of HTC M8d connection speed is hard to endure, and there may be the possibility of failure, more low-end Hisense mobile phone will be able to connect. Wang Liming said that is not the fastest connection in the tests is to associate their own cell phone Samsung cell phone.

Mobile phone after a successful connection can read photos from SD card, photos will be arranged in a timeline as picture wall, looks very clear, the thumbnail loading speed quickly. Competitors Push function can automatically push the new photos to the pictures on the wall. Eggplant I currently only supports reading JEPG picture format does not support any other photos and video. Moschino iPad 4 case

This product is East of Beijing in the near future to raise, with 16GB raised price of 149, supporting the App now only Android version, version iOS developers.

Finishing touch Bluetooth chip

High speed download is the Eggplant I bought another point, officials say top speed can reach 2.4MB/S, but in practical use are to be discounted, according to the test on an office network under the complicated conditions, transmission speeds of around 1MB/S. The speed has reached the same WiFi card about twice the speed.

However, in actual use, to keep the camera still do not go into standby mode, is unable to do SD cards to keep camera awake, Eye-Fi cards can be done, but that is written and phone manufacturers will feature camera firmware results. Also at this stage is set longer standby time of the camera.

Wang Liming told Lei Feng network, when I do eggplant, the hardest place is its integrated chip more, higher, particularly main control chip, but also combined with a low-power Bluetooth chips.

The Bluetooth chip is the basis of Eggplant boy rapid share, while Bluetooth also let Eggplant I have a smart switch, Wi-Fi SD cards currently on the market, as there is no Bluetooth chip, so once we start the camera will automatically turn on Wi-Fi, or like Toshiba and a manual switch, but it's not easy. This causes the camera is no longer life shrank again, which is one reason WiFi SD card and no promotion. Eggplant boy will start only in the App when you open Wi-Fi, achieve the purpose of saving electricity.

Away from home, loves to share single take part, if it is convenient to have a SD card a lot.

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