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Samsung Galaxy S7 of the new audio disassemble

Distance Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge released has has a time has, Russia media early in has split results Galaxy S7d of Exynos 8890 version, recently foreign famous split machine website iFixit finally on Galaxy S7 for has detailed split solutions, this split solutions of is mycophenolate mofetil Dragon 820 version, we on to see 820 version of Galaxy S7 and Exynos 8890 version in internal circuit design Shang has what different of at.

Samsung Galaxy S7 of the new audio disassemble

We look at Xiao long version 820 Galaxy S7 configuration details:

5.1-inch Super AMOLED display, 2560x1440 resolution (576 PPI) Paul Frank iPhone 6 plus cases

Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, GPU to Adreno 530,4 GB RAM

After 12 million pixel camera, dual-pixel autofocus, 4K video, 5 million pixels front camera

32GB/64 GB internal storage, support for microSD/TF card expansion (up to 200 GB)

IP68 waterproof rating

Android 6.0.1 cotton candy

Samsung Galaxy S7 of the new audio disassemble

The overall appearance, Galaxy Galaxy S6 and S7 are similar, both with a 5.1-inch screen, which is very similar in body size, mobile front metal rings for the Home key the only obvious difference between colors, Galaxy S7 for dark color scheme, seemed very low-key.

Samsung Galaxy S7 of the new audio disassemble

Dorsal larger differences, while styling remained similar, but distinct, beginning with S7 have similar Note5 double curved glass on both sides of the fuselage, S6 on the shake to the next level, followed by S7 camera raised decreased only slightly raised than the fuselage, camera volume control quite well.

Samsung Galaxy S7 of the new audio disassemble

Close-up of the receiver and the sensor. Handset design is slightly different with the S6, sensor, front-facing camera and the LED light and S6 are almost identical. We can clearly see in Figure 2.5D the edges of the glass arc than S6 stereo and more rounded.

Samsung Galaxy S7 of the new audio disassemble

Galaxy S7 does not use the popular USB Type-C interface, but follows the previous Micro-USB interface. Although the USB Type-C is the trend, but there's still more generic Micro-USB interface.

Samsung Galaxy S7 of the new audio disassemble

Random us Galaxy S7 comes with a USB adapter, guaranteed regardless of the wire you use, can be used normally.

Samsung Galaxy S7 of the new audio disassemble

Dismantling order Galaxy S7 and S6 is similar, all started from the back breaking, and heated to soften the S7 back glass glue, so that we can remove.

Samsung Galaxy S7 of the new audio disassemble

With suction cup and set aside to cover slow separation because S7 joins IP68 waterproof, so more than glue S6, slightly higher difficulty demolition.

Samsung Galaxy S7 of the new audio disassemble

Galaxy S7 rear door and no rubber seal, instead of using glue + adhesives bonded to waterproof IP68 level.

S6 position with the rear cover strip is white, while the S7 replace black plastic may be changed in order to waterproof capacity.

Remove lower rear cover cannot yet see the circuit board, remove the retaining plate on the motherboard, trim by the cross screws, can be more easily removed.

Remove top trim, there could be for S7 antenna, through the contacts connected to the Board.

NFC coils and coil of wireless charging.

Speaker parts. This part of the dismantling of more difficult than ever, it's hard to replace the battery, this also affects the maintenance of S7 final score.

That is why we removed the antenna coil and signal.

The modules all through the spring contacts connected to the Board, replaced quite easily.

Battery use double sided tape to stick on the box, can be removed with a plectrum.

S6 battery only 2550mAh, so battery life is weak, Samsung S7 up to 3000mAh battery, battery life has improved tremendously.

Next, we continued to remove the motherboard, unplug the cable on the front camera can be removed, front-facing camera to 5 million pixels, Aperture f/1.7.

After the front-facing camera moves, you can separate the motherboard out. And Samsung's previous design similar to the boards there is a panel at the bottom.

Next we separated rear camera, rear-facing camera via a ribbon cable connected to the motherboard.

16 million different megapixel rear camera with the S6, and Galaxy S7 12 million pixels camera, using dual-pixel autofocus technology, focus speed S6 went further.

The camera uses a Sony IMX260 sensor provides, 1.4 microns per pixel area, compared with 16 million pixel sensor S6, IMX260 can reduce noise and improve image quality. The lens can see the sensor after separation, S6 pixels has decreased, but the camera has light and ultra low light image quality of the environment.

Here we take a look at S7 chip on the motherboard. Motherboard front:

Red: SK Hynix H9KNNNCTUMU-BRNMH memory below the 4 GB LPDDR4 SDRAM run covered with Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon processor 820

Orange: Samsung KLUBG4G1CE 32 GB UFS 2.0 Flash memory chip

Yellow: Anwar AFEM-9040 multi-band multi-mode RF chip

Green: Murata FAJ15 front-end module

Light blue: Qorvo QM78064 high band RF module

Dark blue: Qualcomm WCD9335 Audio Codec chip (millet 5 also used this chip we guess using mycophenolate mofetil 820 processor models may be using this WCD9335 Audio Codec chip, suspected for Qualcomm's packed programme. )

Paul Frank iPhone 6 plus cases

Purple: Qorvo QM63001A diversity receiver module

Opposite the motherboard:

Red: Murata KM5D18098 Wi-Fi module

Orange: NXP NFC 67T05 controller

Yellow: IDT P9221 wireless power receiver

Green: STMicroelectronics LSM6DS3 6 axis IMU (3-axis accelerometer +3-axis gyroscope)

Light blue: Qualcomm PM8996 PMIC

Dark blue: Qualcomm QFE3100 Envelope Tracker (package tracking module)

Purple: Qualcomm WTR4905 + WTR3925 RF transceiver

Analysis of the audio chip:

Xiao long 820 Galaxy S7 using high pass its own version of the WCD9335 Audio Codec chip, Exynos 8890 version used the model for Lucky CS47L91 Codec audio chip, the chip may be from Cirrus Logic company. Lucky CS47L91 is a Codec audio chip, working with Cirrus Logic from the model may be Samsung's products. Relative to the General programme in the sound quality of the Codec chip for mobile phones will be significantly improved, a similar situation has iPhone 6s 338S1285 (Cirrus Logic company) and Nubia Z7 AK4961. But Codec independent Dac+ relative to the op-amp combination there is a significant difference between, and Samsung on the Exynos version of the flagship phones often use Codec chips.                                                      Qualcomm WCD9335 version using his Codec chip, according to past experience, the high sound quality is likely to be worse than the Exynos version.

Here we continue dismantling remove the waterproof headphone jack cable can be removed.

Headphone Jack there is rubber on the secret circle, should be designed for IP68 waterproof.

Noise microphone and the receiver is waterproof and has a lot of rubber seal ring capability nearby.

We try to separate the bottom of the SubPanel, but found pairs of plates on the part of the cable extends in the opposite box, being bonded to the screen box.

We'll screen heating the glue softens, then use the dial to OLED screen is removed.

After the separation of the screen, you can press the cable is removed, and the Deputy was removed.

Deputy picture. Above the main microphone, USB interface and touch keys.

Next to tube separated from the box.

S7 has very thin heat pipe.

We demonstrate the pipe corresponds to the Board position. Pipe covered with several major chip running memory +SoC, memory chips, and contains some of hot chip, tube position is very reasonable.

Last is Galaxy S7 of family, we can see circuit part design of quite compact, Board, and Deputy Board, and Wireless charging coil and antenna, are is module of design, in must degree Shang easy maintenance, but iFixit for Galaxy S7 of maintenance score also only 3 points (full marks for 10 points), visible in joined IP68 level waterproof Hou, on machine maintenance difficult easy degrees of effect also is compared big of.

via: iFixit Paul Frank iPhone 6 plus cases

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