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Wheat only block strange Gameband bracelet review

  Wisdom master rings a lot on the market these days, specifically the main estimates of a certain game is Gameband + Minecraft. Yes, a name we can see, this bracelet is for "Jimmy" the Minecraft (my world), tailored!

  The Minecraft in global popularity since Needless to say, you can create all sandbox games let a lot of players obsessed with. But then again, play games specifically to get a bracelet is doing? We are evaluating today, perhaps you can understand:


Wheat-only block: strange Gameband bracelet review

  Gameband shapes are very interesting, hand ring junction in the middle of a wind pattern of pixels makes you instantly think of the game Minecraft. Gameband has two versions depending on the length: 6.2 and 7.3 inches. Worthy of mention are 7.3 inches, while significant, but the oval design to make it just right on the wrist will not shake so much, it is very hard.

  Gameband is essentially a 8GB USB drive, pulled it from the pixel patterns you can find a USB 3.0 connector. The design hides unsightly joints, and can give the player some resonance. Overall, the Gameband's design, even if not beautiful, or at least above average levels. If you can form some gaming elements, perhaps would be better.

  Incidentally, Gameband protection level is IPX-4, meaning it can withstand small amounts of water, but you may not be completely immersed in water.


Wheat-only block: strange Gameband bracelet review

  Gameband as a smart bracelet, of course, is not just a USB drive. A little better than some similar products, Gameband at least one LED screen, hidden under the surface of the bracelet. Is a square red button next to the screen, shown for the first time, second time displays the date, is custom animation or more information. If you add more than one animation, will see several times.

  Although the display was a feature of Gameband, but unfortunately it was not good. If only indoors, red font color, very clear, but in sunlight, people would have been difficult to see content.

  Software experience

Wheat-only block: strange Gameband bracelet review

  After all, why do we have to specifically buy a bracelet to playing Minecraft about? Key lies in how much your own archive attention.

  Gameband setting is very simple, just pull out USB connector, plug in the computer, the software installation will automatically start, then just double-click the Gameband software, register an account as well. As long as the play of the Minecraft and then quit, the archive is automatically saved in the Gameband bracelets as well as cloud servers on the network.

Wheat-only block: strange Gameband bracelet review

  It should be said that, inside the bracelet comes with a range of preset game world. If you consider yourself a design, they own arena and the game was a big benefit. Diane Von Furstenberg iPhone 5 case

  You can save the file elsewhere, but Gameband is useful even if the bracelet is gone, anyway your cloud accounts are saved in a file. But then again again, the cloud service is only free for the first year and pay $ 9.99 – every year as said above, is worth it's up to you to archive much importance.

  Animation features

Wheat-only block: strange Gameband bracelet review

  As we have just said, Gameband on the LED screen to display the custom animation. To some people's surprise is that this is a feature called Pixel Furnace was Gameband one of the greatest to play (or may not).

  Here the "custom" means that you not only in a limited number of options selected in the animation, but really to draw. You need to 20x7 grid simple pattern on a frame-by-frame painting, completed a play, good results are saved to give bracelets, is very simple.

  General comments

  Gameband is a strange hand the position loop. It is designed tailored for the Minecraft game, and the preservation of archives a convenient and safe experience, but do you really want to pay $ 80 (cloud services and subsequent annual fees)?

  However, if you just want to play one more new equipment, Gameband that good design does not make you perish the thought immediately. Excellent playability Pixel Furnace, your bracelet custom hand-drawn animation, this is interesting. Overall, this device is not a necessity, but a fun device.

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