Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Automatic laundry folding artifact a stack of 20

Automatic laundry-folding artifact, a stack of 20! 20160615-fold-1

Honestly, did you love to do housework? Well, also washed their clothes OK, simple! Just throw clothes, hanging out once in a while is OK. Wait to dry clothes, we are not going to fold yet? oh NO! That I have not love housework was good ... ...

Moschino Galaxy Case

Haha, now you are scared? If I tell you, there is one, is particularly good at folding laundry and likes to fold, you'll love TA? Moschino Galaxy S4

FoldiMate, robot. Expertise, and folding laundry. Hobbies, is folding clothes.


All you have to do, as long as the clothes on the rack, it would be nice. FoldiMate folding clothes in just 10 seconds, can handle 20 pieces at a time, and wrinkles at the same time to deal with it. Fold up clothes at right angles to it was the Pythagorean cry.

However, the cost would be $ 700~850 between FoldiMate, to 2018 before listing. So, you have to be honest and folding laundry!

20160615-fold-3 20160615-fold-4 20160615-fold-5

[via] Moschino Galaxy Case

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