Sunday, June 5, 2016

Google return to Ministry don t communicate with me

  Agreed in March Google return to China? Today, the Minister of industry in an interview, said Miao Wei, Google is not communicated by the Ministry returned to China.

  Dark looming before the bright road ahead appears to be down.

  However, our hopes have not burst. Xudong Chen, President of Lenovo mobile told Sina science and technology made it clear in an interview, Google business will re-enter the Chinese market this year will come back no matter what.

  In early January this year, Xudong Chen, President of Lenovo mobile business an interview with Sina science and technology, he said, in a deal to buy a motorcycle, Google Lenovo nearly 6% per cent stake, are also important shareholders Association.

  Because of this, Lenovo top when it comes to mobile services, asked whether Google services to return to the topic of China.

  Xudong Chen is not the sensitive topic of taboo, he said, Lenovo and the company's leaders have been in close communication, Google wants to bring yourself back to China, because China is the largest market for Android phones, but have nothing to do and Google services. Top Google also recently said that no multinational enterprises in the Chinese market is not complete. Moschino Note 4 Cases

  Xudong Chen said, Android devices and experience fragmentation is the core of the problem, Google launched Google in China Play key to app store. He stressed: "Google service would re-enter the Chinese market this year will come back no matter what. "

  Now, however, the Ministry said that Google is not communicated by the Ministry returned to China. This means, hopes of returning in the near future. Sources said before, Google will be returned to China in March, now appears to be unlikely. Therefore, you should just wait for the next 7 months?

Google return to Ministry: don't communicate with me

  Google Chinese version of Play has been exposed before, China's version of Google Play in the basic version and the international consensus on the design, on the buy button of the Renminbi currency has become a symbol, and screenshot of version number information is directly shown in the application as "CHINA (China)".

  In terms of payment, in addition to credit and debit cards in addition to also support PayPal.

  According to a previous message, China's version of Google Play and regular Google Play a different system of accounts, so you need to register, and international accounts are not common, but it is not so difficult, and application security is expected to be a big security, a lot of people think, first back, this is important.

  Google Chinese version of Play, coupled with Google's hiring, Google executives this year, Chinese new year to us there Xudong Chen, President of Lenovo mobile said, almost all of them have had a feeling Google quickly to the door. However, in fact, we may have to wait quite a long time, at least wait till Google negotiating with the Ministry of communication.

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  However, you need to understand is that Google does not fully return, may Google Play first, Gmail and Google voice search business, is not likely to come back.

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